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As a Content Creator you’ll receive access to my digital studio on Instagram: @laurahospes.behindthescenes. 

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As a Content Creator you’ll receive access to my digital studio on Instagram: @laurahospes.behindthescenes. 


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I want to become a patron of yours. Where do I start?
There are two ways to subscribe:
  A. Via Use this channel if you want to be billed monthly. After clicking on the link you will land on my creator home page. The tiers are shown right away. Choose your tier and follow the instructions.
  B. Via Use the webshop if you would like to be billed for one year up front. Add the tier of your preferance to your shopping cart and follow the payment instructions. 
If both ways don't work for you, please e-mail me and I'll set you up.

How do you charge taxes?
All prices in this webshop are including taxes. In case of subscribing via Patreon, the platform will calculate all taxes, suiting your country. You will receive an invoice with all details. In case of annual payment on invoice, I charge Dutch taxes on the invoice.

Is it possible to pay monthly on invoice?
Preferably not, as it is quite some administration to make this work. Please e-mail me, so we can look at the possibilities.

I don't have a Creditcard or Paypal, can I be a patron?
Yes, you can! It is possible to pay on invoice or via my webshop once a year. If you are not able to be billed annually, please e-mail me, so we can look at the possibilities.

Why are some tiers unavailable on
The tier "Publisher (payment annually)" is a digital construction so people without Creditcard or Paypal can still unlock posts on Patreon.
The tier "Fan" is a tier from my previous payment system. It is the precursor "Studio Assistant". As I also raised the price, I locked my Fans in the price they opted-in in the first place. It is no longer possible to subscribe as a "Fan".

I would like to support you, but don't want anything in return. Is this possible?
Yes, this is possible. You can choose the tier that fits your donation best and message or e-mail me that you want nothing in return.

Is it possible to make a single donation?
Yes, this is possible through my webshop. Choose the item One time donation and simply adjust the height of your donation by multiplying the item in your shopping cart.

For more questions and answers about Patreon, please visit
Can't find the answer? Contact me!